Advertisement Buying Service

Make the most out of your marketing budget

Thanks to our extensive experience working with renewable energy media globally, we provide a top-quality advertisement buying service to our clients.  We will save you money and time, as well as improve your ad campaign performance.Our clients currently benefitting from this service include Fugro, The Switch, Natural Power, Ingeteam, FLI Energy, I-Energy, China Sunergy and LeitWind.

Our advertisement buying service includes:

Advertisement planning and strategy
We provide strategic advice on the most relevant media for you to advertise with in all key energy markets. We provide you with campaign planning and strategy, which we deliver effectively, free of charge.

Full-cycle campaign management
Acting as your buying agent, we become your advertisement representative with all the media selected for your ad campaign. We will manage the negotiation process to ensure you get the best advertisement deals available. We handle the campaign logistics, manage your ad schedule, provide you with the various ad technical requirements, and if required we can also deal on your behalf with all the advertisement sales calls that you are inevitably receiving regularly. We also provide full campaign reporting for online advertising.

Key benefits for you

This service effectively comes at no cost to you!
Our commission is built straight into the advertisement package that we put together with the suppliers, who provide us with agency discounts. This practice is standard in any industry for the provision of such services.

Simplified administration and payments
Using us will considerably reduce your administrative burden: You will now have a single point of contact for all your advertisement activities.

No more painful negotiations and sales calls
We take care of that for you!

Genuine experts on your team
Our consultants have worked in advertisement sales for Renewable Energy World and Wind Directions, so you will have advertising experts working for you!


International Advertising Campaign: Ingeteam Wind
Ingeteam, a leading provider of power converters and generators, hired C&M to manage and set up an international advertising campaign to raise awareness about the company and generate leads. The campaign included key international renewable energy media, as well as national publications in China, Brazil, Germany and the USA. C&M provided advice on the most relevant online and print renewables media to use,
and created a full advertising plan and strategy which included pricing, flat plans, an invoicing schedule, deadlines and specs. C&M negotiated the advertising packages directly with the media, and was able to offer Ingeteam a competitive campaign package for them to review and sign off. By becoming the single point of contact, we were able to manage the relationship with all the media whilst providing Ingeteam with timely artwork reminders, and monthly invoicing, making it a very smooth process for our client.

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