Marketing Strategy & Planning

Invest your marketing budget where it pays off

Optimising your marketing & communication strategy is the first step to take, to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Collings & Monney has developed a vast experience in optimizing marketing & comms strategies for its BtoB clients.Thanks to our deep knowledge of renewable energy communication channels, as well as our expertise in BtoB marketing tactics, we can help marketing professionals optimise their strategy effectively.

In collaboration with our clients, we analyse step by step the marketing objectives, strategies, tactics and activities that they have so far developed and undertaken. This is when you finally get an independent view on your brand, website, advertising creative, or event strategy… Are you engaging the right media, exhibitions, conferences and industry groups, in the right manner? What is your content strategy and how do you improve it? How well are you performing online? How are your advertising, stand or web design being perceived? Are your messages getting through to your audience?

We address the key strategy questions required to identify areas of marketing budget waste as well as areas of untapped opportunities. We provide counsel to enhance integration of your programs and offer innovative ways to achieve your marketing goals. We offer online performance review and optimisation.

Our key objective is to deliver higher results by concentrating the marketing efforts on activities that actually work for you.

Maintaining a successful market position requires on-going marketing review and refinement. It’s about improving competitiveness by combining what is well known with what’s less familiar, from traditional print advertisement to CG product animation…

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