Making sense of your agency

Collings and Monney Making sense of your agency

Do you get what you deserve from your current agency?

We have listened to our fellow marketing managers’ concerns: Why is it so hard to find an agency that has answers for us rather than questions? Why are we paying communications agencies to learn about our sector, before they can even start to deliver? Where am I getting real added value?

Do you need to switch? Give your answer to the 5 questions below to try to figure it out.

  1. Does your agency have a good, active network of contacts among the renewable energy media, trade associations and event organisers?
  2. Would your agency be able to name three of your main competitors?
  3. Does your agency know what a feed-in-Tariff is?
  4. Could your agency give you the names of 3 of the mainstream renewable energy industry publications?
  5. Is your agency proactive, responsive and resourceful?



If you have more than one ‘No’, you will certainly benefit from switching to us.

Wind Power Monthly has interviewed Collings & Monney for their special feature on wind and communications in Oct. 2011, along with Vestas and GWEC.
We have also produced a regular column on renewables and communications for Recharge News.
Collings & Monney is recognised as the genuine leader in its niche area by the global renewables sector